Important news about the future of
the Portfol Software!

An exciting transition will be taking place for Portfol in 2020

PIDC, the creator of Portfol, has determined the tool could be further developed with new features and functions to support the constantly evolving industry and incorporate new technologies.     
PIDC has made the decision to transfer the management of Portfol to BMI Productivity Solutions, a technology company who has the capabilities needed to support Portfol and develop it for the future.  

PIDC will officially transition Portfol to BMI on January 1st, 2020. At that time BMI will take over as owner and manager of Portfol.  This will be a completely seamless experience for Portfol customers and PIDC and BMI are dedicated to keeping you well informed through every step of the transition. 


You can submit any questions you may have in the form linked below.  We will post answers to each question in the FAQ below so all customers can benefit from the information.



How do I obtain vendor information from BMI? 


You can obtain vendor information and a new W9 document from BMI by emailing the following address:

Should our IT team be aware of any changes? If so, will any changes follow the typical update roll-out cadence they are used to currently? 

Nothing will be changing with your current Portfol software.  Any updates or roll-outs of new Portfol capabilities or enhancements will be clearly announced and communicated from BMI to the Portfol user community.

What if we have outstanding issues that have not been resolved by Portfol support? 

All currently outstanding issues will be resolved by PIDC Portfol support prior to 12/31/2019 if possible.  Any new issues will be directed to BMI to provide support starting 01/01/2020.

Any currently outstanding issues that are not able to be resolved by 12/31/2019 will be transitioned to BMI Productivity Solutions to continue their support starting 01/01/2020.  This will be a seamless experience for the customer. 


Will my level of Portfol support change?


Portfol support levels will not change. You will continue to receive the quality and timeliness of maintenance and support that you are currently used to receiving from PIDC. This support will now simply be provided by BMI. BMI is fully prepared to provide outstanding and even elevated levels of support for Portfol customers come 1/1/2020.


Who do I contact for support?


You will continue to use your current PIDC support channels through 12/31/2019. 

Starting on 1/1/2020, your Portfol support will be provided by BMI Productivity Solutions.  This will be a seamless experience for you. Portfol customers will continue to use the existing Portfol support email address and phone number to communicate with BMI for maintenance and support issues:


Phone: 800-220-PIDC

BMI is fully prepared to support all Portfol customers with their service needs.


How will I be invoiced?


PIDC will send you your 2020 invoice via hardcopy mail and via email. Please keep a lookout for this 2020 invoice to be mailed and emailed on November 26, 2019.

You will now direct your payment to BMI Productivity Solutions. Invoices will provide all of the necessary details and instructions to properly submit your organization’s 2020 payment to BMI.

Will my bill change?

Your bill will not be changing. You will be charged the same fees for 2020 Portfol maintenance and support.